Woodbine Park How To Get There

Main Stage Saturday June 13th

10:00 Amara Kante (Ivory Coast) Hand Drum Workshop
12:00 Muhtadi & the World Drummers (West African) Opening Ceremony
12:30 Emery Adult School Drummers
13:00 Northern Legs Southern Fists (Kung Fu, Dragon and Lion Dance Team)
13:30 Orkestra Gatigo
14:00 Tabla House  
14:30 FND (West African)   
15:00 Isshin Daiko (Japan Traditional)
15:30 Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo featuring Dyalis Machado Migeles
16:00 Baque de Bamba led by Aline Morales (Afro Brazilian)
16:30 Dhol Circle
17:00 Muhtadi & the World Drummers (West African)
17:30 Hummingbird Tassa Group (Trinidad)
18:00 Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra (T.A.S.S.O)
18:30  Mike Ieradi (Protest The Hero)
19:00 Beyond Sound Empijah 
19:30 T-Dot Batú
20:00 Maracatu Mar Aberto (Afro Brazilian)
20:30 Sirens of Shanti

MIDF 2015 Features Mike Ieradi (Protest The Hero) Main Stage Saturday June 13 6:30 pm 

Mapex Canada endorsee, Michael Ieradi is the drummer for the Canadian progressive metal band, Protest The Hero. Growing up he was influenced by bands such as Metallica and Queen, and thus has always been interested in the more theatrical and technical side of music. He also draws influence from a range of genres; such as pop, hip hop, and folk. Michael was a founding member of the band Today I Caught The Plague. He remained the drummer for this band from 2005-2013. In 2013 the band officially changed their name to The Kindred. In October 2013, it was officially announced that he would be the new drummer for the band Protest The Hero. In November of 2013 he went on tour as the drummer for both The Kindred and Protest The Hero, pulling double duty each night.


Main Stage Sunday June 14th

10:00 Amara Kante (Ivory Coast) Hand Drum Workshop
11:00 Ingrid Shaban African Dance Yogah Class
12:00 Muhtadi & the World Drummers (West African) Opening Ceremony
12:30 Parkview Public School
13:00 Orkestra Gatigo
13:30 Richmond Hill United Church Drummers
14:00 Jerima Harvey
14:30 Baro Dununba (Traditional West African and Diasporic rhythms)
15:00 CADRE Drum Ensemble (Rudimental)
15:30 Northern China Waist Drummers
16:00 Samba Squad
16:30 Muhtadi & the World Drummers (West African)
17:00 Amara Kante (Ivory Coast)
18:00 Grand Bateria Express

Drum Village Clinics Saturday June 13th

Located in the North West corner of  Woodbine Park,, the Drum Village features Drum Clinics in the main tent (12-6 pm each day) with clinicians including Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (Cajones), Everton White and Everton White (The Single Paradiddle).  The clinics range from Hand Drums to Drum Kits and are accessible too all ages.

12:00 Joel Jacobs (Junction Beats)
13:00 Njacko Backo (African Voyages Africains)
14:00 Steafán Hannigan (Bodhráns for Modhrans! Celtic)
15:00 Everton White (The Single Paradiddle)
16:00 Daniel Gomez (Drum Kit) Timing Speed
17:00  Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (Cajones)

Drum Village Clinics Sunday June 14th

12:00 Joel Jacobs (Junction Beats)
13:00 David Lawrence (Tuning)
14:00 Daniel Gomez (Drum Kit) Timing Speed
15:00 Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo (Rumbero)
16:00 Nigel Maynard The Anatomy of the DrumSet
17:00 Steafán Hannigan (Bodhráns for Modhrans! Celtic)


Northern Legs Southern Fists (Kung Fu, Dragon and Lion Dance Team)